Translating in-person experiences to online tools [and] Start your own consulting business



George E. Pake Auditorium 2009-05-12



Translating in-person experiences to online tools [and] Start your own consulting business

The Unexpected Joys and Sorrows of Translating In-person Experiences to Online Tools
Luke Hohmann, founder and CEO, Enthiosys

Innovation Games were originally designed to be in-person, goal-directed, serious games that enabled small groups of people to use collaborative play techniques to accomplish complex goals. Over the past year, in response to customer demand, Enthiosys has been working to translate some of the games into a new online serious gaming platform. When we started, we had some expectations about what would and would not work. Some of these expectations were validated. What's more interesting has been the unexpected joys and surprising sorrows. In this talk, Luke Hohmann, creator of Innovation Games, will present an overview of a few of the games and share some of Enthiosys's experiences in creating online versions of the in-person games. You'll get the chance to play in-person games, and, technology permitting, play some online games (bring your laptop -- we'll play online if we can). You can expect very little (to no) fancy PowerPoint and instead frank discussions on a few key aspects of how our future will evolve as we create increasingly innovative forms of online collaboration.

How to fire your boss and start your own consulting business
John Carter, Consultant

There are many ways to go about consulting, but how do you do it, and how do you do it successfully? Most consulting companies fail because they can not attract the clients who need their services. Failed strategies include calling on their former associates, attending networking events, and cold calling, and waiting for the phone to ring. The key to successful consulting is marketing -- NOT selling. This presentation will be based on the creation of a successful boutique consulting firm, Product Development Consulting Inc. which was founded in 1990 and is still thriving in Boston. The talk will describe the practical marketing techniques that were used to establish and grow the firm, and give tangible best practices and operational metrics in order to get clients to call you, not the other way around. The focus on marketing in the presentation will help aspiring consultants, or those who are more experienced find greater success without stress.

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