TTI/Vanguard: Fieldtrip to PARC



various PARC locations 2010-02-25


Mark Bernstein
Ana Arias
Bo Begole
Van Jacobson
Meng Lean
Bob Street

TTI/Vanguard: Fieldtrip to PARC

New technologies and applications are creating new imperatives, from research and development, to printing and software distribution, to media and content creation, and beyond. In this conference, we’ll explore how upheavals caused by the adoption of networked technologies might affect organizations and entire industries. We’ll examine some of the new digital economics (and economies) that we will inevitably encounter. Where will the control points be, and what are the big risks for large-scale systems and new players? What’s being created, what’s being remade, and what’s being reinvented?

PARC fieldtrip topics include:

conference topics include:

Emerging infrastructures, "Free", Transparency, Cloud economics, Open source, Machine-to-machine interactions, Distribution models, Real-time analysis, Augmented reality

conference speakers include:

Chris Anderson, Author, Free: The Future of a Radical Price;  Timothy Bresnahan, Co-Director, Center on Employment and Economic Growth, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research; Paul Buchheit, Co-Founder, FriendFeed; Roxanne Christ, Partner, Latham & Watkins; Larry Downes, Author, The Laws of Disruption; Peter Eckersley, Staff Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Matthew Glotzbach, Director, Product Management, Google Enterprise; John Hennessy, President, Stanford University; Krisztina Holly, Executive Director, USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, University of Southern California; Chris Kelty, Author, Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software; Art Kleiner, Editor-in-Chief, strategy+business; Phil Libin, Chief Executive Officer, Evernote; Sean Parker, Managing Partner, Founders Fund; Adam Selipsky, Vice President, Developer Relations,; Nova Spivack, Co-Founder, Radar Networks; Bruno Uzzan, Chief Executive Officer, Total Immersion; Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google; Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Linux Foundation

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