Weidmann Plastics – Specialized Manufacturing



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Weidmann Plastics – Specialized Manufacturing

Weidmann Plastics Technology is an innovator in high quality plastics for various industries such as Biotechnology, Medical, Automotive, Plumbing and Sensor Technology. Highly specialized manufacturing technologies and the combined application of plastics and other materials have made Weidmann a leader for the generation and delivery of intelligent and solutions to complex product design problems. Internal capabilities for product and tool development, design, rapid prototyping QA/QC, sampling, packaging, and logistics on a worldwide basis guarantee Weidmann customers a reliable and efficient supply of customized products.

Weidmann high-precision tooling for molding products used in diagnostics, biotech and pharma applications is the result of innovative engineering, close customer interaction and core competences in micro-structuring and high precision multi-component molding.

Weidmann has its headquarters in Rapperswil, Switzerland and facilities in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain and employs 650 people generating sales of $175 million. Weidmann Plastics Technology AG is a member of the privately-held WICOR Group.

Recently Weidmann Plastics Technology began an official collaboration with Oxyphen, a manufacturer of specialized membranes for the biotechnology and medical device industry.

About Oxyphen

Oxyphen is a quality manufacturer of Track-Etched Membranes (RoTrac®) and a solution provider for membrane-based applications. By making use of a controlled multi-step manufacturing process, Oxyphen's specialists balance the customer's technical and economic requirements to provide optimized products with smooth membrane surfaces and uniform pore structures, ranging from 100 nanometer to 12 micron pore diameters. The company offers solutions to various industries such as drug discovery, medical devices, and even automotive.

Oxyphen employs thirty professionals with academic backgrounds in chemistry, physics, engineering and biotechnology and has its Headquarters in Lachen, Switzerland and a production plant in Dresden, Germany.

The combination of injection-molded parts with membranes added opens new fields of application in the life sciences.

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