You Own Your Attention



George E. Pake Auditorium 2006-01-10



You Own Your Attention

Steve Gillmor and perhaps other members of the AttentionTrust board will discuss

AttentionTrust and its members believe that you have the following rights:

* Property: You own your attention and can store it wherever you wish. You have Control.

* Mobility: You can securely move your attention wherever you want whenever you want to. You have the ability to Transfer your attention.

* Economy: You can pay attention to whomever you wish and receive value in return. Your attention has Worth.

* Transparency: You can see exactly how your attention is being used. You can Decide who you trust.

When you give your attention to any AttentionTrust member entity, these rights are guaranteed.

The AttentionTrust Mission

* Empower people to exert greater control over their "attention data," i.e. records reflecting what they have paid attention to and what they have ignored. AttentionTrust promotes the principles of user control by distributing the Attention Recorder, a Firefox extension, and by supporting the development of other appropriate tools, standards and practices.

* Educate people about the value of their attention and the importance of attention data.

* Build a community of individuals and organizations that will guarantee users' rights to own, move, and exchange their attention data, in a transparent environment that gives users the freedom to decide how their data will be used.

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