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The fourth industrial revolution is on its way, and IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Intelligence are driving it. Thanks to easier connectivity and better analytics, businesses are now moving their physical systems towards an IoT-empowered digital world.

At PARC, we’re working with clients and partners to develop the technologies that can enable this mass transition. With analytics front of mind, our labs are creating smart sensors and systems that enable rapid, reliable and secure data collection at scale. This data can then be used to develop actionable insights, or as the backbone of systems that will be at the forefront of a rapidly changing technology landscape.

As an example, PARC recently collaborated with Panasonic to effectively identify subtle issues in industrial robots before they led to costly and inconvenient unplanned downtime. Because it is often tedious, time-consuming, and expensive to obtain a large amount of labeled training data under both normal and abnormal health conditions, our solution involved adoption of unsupervised machine learning algorithms that can learn from very limited labeled training data over time in conjunction with physics-based system models. The results validated that the proposed fault detection framework was effective in detecting incipient faults in robots with higher than 96% accuracy, even with the very limited labeled data sets.

Our expert team has capabilities in model-based reasoning, machine learning, human-machine interaction and many more areas. So, whether it’s creating peel-and-stick sensors or changing the future of wireless communications, we’re helping to realize the possibilities for innovation and technological development that IoT and machine intelligence are bringing about.

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“Machine learning has been moving from the backend, such as a recommendation engine running on a cloud server, to the frontend, like computer vision and conversational agents. This ability of machines to see, converse and perform is going to be enhanced by the ability to sense and feel the world around us. That is the promise of IoT and a connected world. At PARC, we are working on both the hardware and software aspects of that future.”

Raj Minhas, Vice President and Director, Interactions and Analytics Lab, PARC

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