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Novel Printing, including on-demand printing, industrial printing, flexible electronics and additive manufacturing are rapidly growing areas that will be part of the commercial and technological future of many businesses and government organizations. Each of these markets is rapidly expanding, with growth spurred by recent innovative developments.

PARC is a global leader in multiple aspects of Novel Printing, applying its in-depth understanding of printing technologies to a wide range of applications, including innovations in printing systems, as well as in processes and applications in industrial printing, additive manufacturing, flexible electronics and biomedical applications.

In addition to applying existing and novel print technologies to new domains, PARC is continuing its development science for printers, materials, and novel processes. Combined, our ambitious work will satisfy the accelerating need for customization, personal experiences and previously unavailable products that companies and government agencies want to deliver.

Driven by experts with backgrounds and experience in printing technologies, flexible hybrid electronics, semiconductor materials, advanced deposition systems and many more areas, our Novel Printing team is equipped with the capabilities to take a creative approach to this important emerging area. This is evidenced by our current work creating smart packaging technologies and bio applications for printing technology.

You can find out more about our work in exploring the future of electronics by downloading our Information Sheet.

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“Novel Printing technology is part of the DNA of PARC, and our teams are at the forefront of creating new print processes and then applying them broadly for industrial fabrication as well as for printing on paper.”

Ross Bringans, Vice President and Director, Electronic Materials and Devices Lab, PARC

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