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Reliable Sensors, Accurate Models, Applied Anywhere

As systems become more complex, technology suites that allow for reliable, predictive condition-based maintenance are more challenging than ever. Schedule-driven maintenance practices can result in expensive and unnecessary inspections early in a system’s life and are insufficient as the system ages and deteriorates.

What’s more, the systems supporting traditional maintenance practices have limited accuracy, require extensive training and often result in too many false alarms. This is where PARC’s MOXI™ IIoT System Analytics solution comes into play. Applying the principles of physics to enhance AI-based predictive systems to 90%+ accuracy, our diversified, agile and experienced research & development team will work as a hub between existing technology providers, engineers & facilities or maintenance teams to develop a fully integrated suite of technology designed to provide:

  • Higher Diagnostic and Prognostic Accuracy (90%+)
  • Improved Uptime
  • Longer System Life
  • Valuable Insights for Accurate Long-Term Planning
  • Better Scheduling Accuracy

Through accurate sensing, this technology suite uses AI and IIoT technologies most effectively. By accurately detecting anomalies, diagnosing problem points and prescribing necessary action based on the variables that are critical to system health, our technology suite will streamline operations. MOXI can rapidly enable the transition to truly smart, self-aware systems which yield actionable insights about health, safety and performance.

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