Threat-Adaptive Installation Energy Management

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Threat-Adaptive Installation Energy Management

Military installation energy assets have the potential to generate significant revenue in commercial electricity markets, but this is often prevented by energy security concerns. We are developing energy management technologies that systematically account for threat status and adapt the energy management strategy to guarantee operational needs while maximizing economic potential.

Threat-adaptive installation energy management

We have deep core competencies in adaptive model-based controls, machine learning, and data analytics. Combining a portfolio of proprietary and classical algorithms with domain expertise in energy technologies, we are developing Adaptive Energy control algorithms that co-optimize commonly conflicting elements: quality-of-service (QoS) constraints and increasing return on investment (ROI) of energy assets.

In the case of military installations, the algorithms analyze and model such data as threat level, operational posture, operating costs, and local market price predictions to ensure that the energy resources remain focused on the primary mission of the installation while selecting appropriate market opportunities to maximize the ROI. As a result, operating costs can be reduced or extra revenues can be generated while guaranteeing energy for mission-critical tasks. We have successfully demonstrated through commercial client engagements that our approach co-optimizes conflicting requirements, resulting in energy savings while maintaining high quality of service.

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