Model-based reasoning

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Diverse Capabilities And Commercial Focus

Model-based reasoning enables flexible configuration, fast response times, coordination, and agility in large hardware and software systems. Crucial as the technologies we depend on grow in complexity and intelligence.

We specialize in model-based reasoning innovations that interact with real world (as opposed to cyber only) environments. As well as in large-scale and modular systems, on-line, real-time and continual-input approaches, and in combining high-level planning and diagnosis with lower-level coordination and control. All delivered by a strong, multidisciplinary team, with broad expertise and diverse capabilities, ranging from modeling, planning and diagnosis, to control and optimization.

Our work in model-based reasoning has delivered improvements in efficiency and safety for East Japan Railway Company, and better systems diagnosis for IEEE Aerospace. And has been the focal point for new publications on human-machine interaction, and printed and flexible hybrid electronics.

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Focus Areas

Our work is centered around a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of science and technology.

Licensing & Commercialization Opportunities

We’re continually developing new technologies, many of which are available for¬†Commercialization.


Our scientists and staffers are active members and contributors to the science and technology communities.