Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Xerox’s PARC Spins Out Novity, a Breakthrough Predictive Maintenance Venture

Founded in 2022, the Novity TruPrognostics™ engine provides industrial manufacturers peace of mind and exceptional accuracy in predicting the health of their plant assets and equipment. It enables fault predictions with breakthrough accuracy, communicated in a way that is easy to understand by busy operators and maintenance workers alike.

Manufacturers today on average lose 5-10% of their production each year due to unplanned downtime. What’s worse, unexpected, catastrophic equipment failures often lead to environmental damage and worker injuries. The best way to avoid this without lowering productivity is for manufacturers to accurately predict the future health of their machines, and to take preventative measures if something is about to go wrong. Attempts to do this have not been very successful, and Predictive Maintenance hasn’t really delivered on its promise. Until now!

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