Data Exhaust: What We Know About Everything By What No One Tells Us


Date Thursday January 13th 2011
Time 5:30pm networking / 6:00-7:00pm talk
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

We all leave data footprints, most of which are by accident. In this talk, I’ll trace our fossilized footprints — across detritus on southern California freeways, Wimbledon, and World War II bombers.

Our data tells us more than we think and, in its unflinchingness, is often much more honest, useful, and important than we know.


Dr. Paul Kedrosky is an active investor in private and public equities, one of the preeminent financial market observers, regular speaker at major events, and author of the widely-read finance and technology blog Infectious Greed.

With a Ph.D. in the economics of technology (which he mostly uses when bluffing outside of poker), a master's degree in finance (which he mostly uses when bluffing in poker), and an undergraduate degree in engineering (which a professor once said he would take away, if he had the means), Kedrosky has a variety of roles in business.

As a contributor to Bloomberg Media (and formerly for CNBC), he draws on his experience as a technology analyst, institutional money manager, and venture capitalist to provide daily commentary on a variety of topics covering finance, current affairs, science, and yes, even the weather.

As senior fellow with the $2B Kauffman Foundation, he is focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, future of risk capital, and also advises the foundation on portfolio issues. He has been a successful entrepreneur, and has sold businesses to Cisco and Twitter, among many others. In 1999 he financed and launched one of the first hosted blog services, GrokSoup, and became one of the first technology equity analysts at a major brokerage firm when he founded the technology equity research practice at HSBC James Capel. He was one of the first analysts to cover Internet companies.

In his spare time, he is a dangerous Twitterer, but you can also find him in San Diego (where he lives), in Canada (where he hikes), and at airports all over the world.

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