Disruptive innovation: Opening the door to new business opportunities


Date Thursday August 18th 2011
Time 5:30-7:00pm
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

Everyone tells us that they want to invent the “next killer app” for their industry. But disruptive innovation is hard, especially when confronted with too many choices. Where do you go? Which doors do you open? How do you enter?

Most companies have incremental and next-generation innovation down. It’s the non-core, next-big-thing innovation that eludes many and presents the most challenges — even though this type of innovation is a necessity for any business that wants to access new markets, create a new line of revenue, or re-invent themselves in anticipation of future directions.

In this PARC Forum talk, PARC VP of Global Business Development and Head of Commercial Operations Tamara St. Claire will share strategies, lessons learned, and case studies in moving from idea to execution.


Tamara St. Claire oversees all of PARC's commercial activities -- from business development, sales, and marketing, to PARC's global strategic relationships. With the goal of aligning organizational processes with business strategy and exploring new markets and models for industry engagements, Tamara has established the fundamental infrastructure and processes for PARC's commercial charter. A key milestone was implementing a systematic portfolio-management process and strategic reviews that would provide a holistic view and clear criteria for evaluating PARC’s R&D investments -- elevating them above organizational divisions, increasing visibility and accountability, and supporting a sustainable, growth-oriented business.

Tamara's business experience spans R&D, operations, finance, marketing, sales, and contracting, and her technology expertise before joining PARC was specialized in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and life-sciences industries. Tamara's previous roles included: being General Manager and Vice President of Commercial Operations at European-based healthcare company Oxonica, Inc.; serving as Program Director at Abbott Labs; directing business development at Roche, the world's largest healthcare diagnostics company; and holding management positions at biotechnology companies Abaxis and PharmChem Laboratories.

Dr. St. Claire holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from U.C. Davis, and an MBA from the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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