Endgame: How to Prepare and Move a Billion Dollars in Patent Litigation


Date Thursday March 7th 2013
Time 5:00-6:30pm (5:00-6:00 presentation and Q&A, followed by networking until 6:30)
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

Generating significant revenue from patents does not have to be a lottery system or a guessing game.  Building valuable patent assets must begin by understanding the best-case endgame and working backward to the first time a new invention crosses your desk.  Not every patent or portfolio will generate a billion dollars in revenue, but by looking to the endgame, the patent owner will reap many rewards through the process and achieve the best possible return on investment in patents.

Nine- or ten-figure patent revenue of course is not a universal strategy. But maximizing the value of investments in patent assets should be.  The principles that drive patent litigation settlements approaching a billion dollars apply equally to any organization investing in protecting its technology with patents.  The presenters, Bill Manning and Aaron Fahrenkrog, have moved a billion dollars in patent litigation from one side of the table to the other giving a 10 to 1 return without trial or appeal.  They will explain what drives these results in litigation and how to build patent assets to create these opportunities.


William Manning has moved a billion dollars in patent litigation from one side of the table to the other giving a 10 to 1 return without any of the following occurring: re-exam, summary judgment, trial or appeal. He represents corporations in a wide variety of commercial litigation, intellectual property, and products liability defense matters and represents injured individuals.  In 34 years of practice, Mr. Manning has brought to resolution through ADR, settlement or motion or trial practice over 300 lawsuits in the substantive areas of products liability, intellectual property, commercial litigation, and has tried to completion lawsuits in many state and federal courts. Additionally, Mr. Manning has acted as a Federal Court appointed mediator and served as Director of Tort Litigation at the Minnesota Attorney General’s office for the State of Minnesota.   

Aaron Fahrenkrog is a trial lawyer who litigates patent cases because he enjoys learning about any new technology and its impact on the business of his clients and their competitors. Mr. Fahrenkrog has a proficiency in learning complex technology in a wide range of areas.  He has a degree in chemical engineering, and has applied his technical education to a variety of patented technologies. Examples include semiconductor architecture, semiconductor fabrication, user interface design, software and hardware for three-dimensional graphics rendering, computer buses, network communications and security protocols, and embolic protection medical devices.

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