How to Launch and Scale High-Growth Tech Innovations


Date Thursday July 26th 2018

5:00-6:30pm (5:00-6:00 presentation and Q&A, followed by networking until 6:30)

Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

Many tech-based companies have smart people, smart teams, and great ideas — but are challenged with launching and scaling next generation innovations in areas such as IoT, cloud computing, AI, big data analytics, and blockchain to name a few.  It has taken years for technologies like 3D printing to find compelling market applications beyond initial prototyping, and many years for machine learning to achieve mainstream market appeal beyond initial market applications in voice recognition and natural language processing. Why do some great innovations succeed while others languish?

In this PARC Forum, Andrew Salzman and Michael Eckhardt will discuss the principals of technology adoption based on predictive frameworks and models, as well as real world experiences from the Chasm Institute, a consulting and advisory company specializing in helping tech-based companies achieve market-leading positions. Andrew and Michael will share their experiences and insights having analyzed best practices in launching and scaling innovations, and having applied those learnings to help companies large and small “cross the chasm” from disruptive technology innovation to mainstream market appeal.


Michael Eckhardt is a Managing Director and Senior Workshop Leader at Chasm Institute. He is a veteran of Price Waterhouse (PwC), Harbridge Consulting, Hewlett-Packard, and Pepsico. An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and a Wall Street Journal Award winner, Eckhardt is a recognized expert in leading 1-day and 2-day Market Strategy workshops aimed at one specific client outcome: accelerating growth for their technology-based products and services in the next 12-24 months.

Andrew Salzman is Senior Advisor with The Chasm Institute. He is a 25+ year marketing veteran who has focused his career on helping organizations re-invent business models, identify new growth venues, tap existing market potential, and fully capitalize on consumer and market purchasing dynamics. His focus includes business planning and product direction, corporate and product marketing, new product development, go-to-market programs, marketing-sales alignment, sales training and support, alliance and partner marketing at B2B and B2C firms across the US, Europe, and Asia.

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