How to Reduce Global Warming and Make Humans Omnipresent Using Virtual Worlds


Date Thursday March 15th 2007
Time 5:00 PM
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium

PARC Forum

This Forum will focus on Virtual Worlds (massively multi-player online games, or MMOGs), past, present, and future— beginning with a live demo of a virtual world application to illustrate concepts and capabilities. We will discuss the history and current state of applications based on virtual world technology – moving beyond MMOGs to focus on “serious” applications. Our discussion of the future will present a vision of how virtual worlds may develop, including how interconnected virtual worlds could someday evolve into a 3D Internet that will allow people to make a quantum leap in how they communicate and collaborate and will fundamentally change the nature of society, redefining the norm for human interaction. The Forum will conclude with a presentation of technical challenges that must be resolved for this vision to be realized.


Dave Rolston has more than 35 years of experience in high tech. His experience spans a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and technologies including simulation and training, graphics applications, imagery, gaming, artificial intelligence, entertainment, and the early Internet. During his career, Dave has performed in various roles, including technical, business, operational, and general management assignments.

Before Forterra, Dave served as VP of Engineering for ATI, responsible for design of graphics chips that drive many of the world's PC's and game consoles. Prior to joining ATI, Dave was CEO of MultiGen-Paradigm, which produces foundational software and content development for the visual simulation industry. After MultiGen-Paradigm was acquired by Computer Associates, Dave served as a Senior VP, managing MultiGen-Paradigm, Viewpoint, and other content-development organizations. Before MultiGen-Paradigm, he worked for Silicon Graphics, starting as the Director of Marketing and later serving as GM of the Advanced Graphics Division. Prior to SGI Dave was a divisional GM of TRW subsidiary ESL, developing applications mostly for the defense and intelligence community. Earlier in Dave's career, he was a Honeywell, Inc., engineering fellow, responsible for corporate activity in artificial intelligence.

Dave has a BS in civil engineering, MS in industrial engineering, and PhD in computer science with emphasis in simulation and artificial intelligence. Dave is a registered professional engineer and has taught engineering at several universities and served with several engineering industry consortiums. He holds several patents, has published a large number of technical papers and a best-selling book on artificial intelligence.

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