Open development in a world where everything is connected


Date Thursday July 29th 2010
Time 4:00-5:00pm
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

Jim Zemlin will discuss how open development is being used to build the foundation for the next generation of computing. While this model has been used for more than a decade to build Linux and a number of other important software products and projects, today it is being applied to connect virtually everything we use. In addition to phones, televisions, automobiles, and PCs — in the future, electrical outlets, medical devices, picture frames, home appliances, agricultural equipment, and more will all be connected using Linux.

Organizations will not only accelerate innovation by sharing research and development costs to connect everything, but at the same time they will create a multi-billion dollar economic opportunity. Jim will also discuss how these companies are leveraging a shared code base to build differentiated services that compete in a market where there is no time to develop behind closed doors.


Jim’s career spans three of the largest technology trends to rise over the last decade: mobile computing, SaaS, and open source software. Today, as executive director of The Linux Foundation, he uses this experience to accelerate the adoption of Linux and support the future of computing.

Jim’s career took root at Western Wireless, which had a successful IPO and was later acquired by Deutsche Telekom and renamed T-Mobile USA. He was also a member of the founding management team of Corio, a leading enterprise application service provider that had a successful IPO in July 2000. Other posts have included vice president of marketing at Covalent Technologies and executive director at Free Standards Group (FSG).

In his leadership role today at The Linux Foundation, Jim works with the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Intel, Google, HP, Nokia, and others to help define the future of computing on the server, in the cloud, and on a variety of new mobile computing devices. His work at the vendor-neutral Linux Foundation gives him a unique and aggregate perspective on the global technology industry.

Jim has been recognized as one of the top 12 Linux and open source bloggers and is widely quoted in the press on Linux and the changing economics of the PC industry. He is a regular keynote speaker at industry events such as COMPUTEX, LinuxCon, Gartner’s Open Source Conference and Open Mobile Summit, among others. Jim advises a variety of startups, including DeviceVM, and sits on the boards of the Global Economic Symposium, Open Source For America, and Chinese Open Source Promotion Union.

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