Single Cause: Two Perspectives


Date Thursday September 12th 2013
Time 5:00-6:00pm (5:00-6:00 presentation and Q&A, followed by exhibit reception until 7:00)
Venue George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC

PARC Forum

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Through two different paths, Michele Raffin and Michael Kern have been working together for the past year to help save some of the world’s most amazing and at risk birds. Each brings her or his own unique skills to the challenge, from both scientific and artistic perspectives.

Michele, the founder and president of Pandemonium Aviaries, is dedicated to preventing the extinction of targeted avian species through conservation breeding and education.  A 501(c)3 organization based in Los Altos Hills, Pandemonium Aviaries is saving important species like the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Michael has been photographing exotic and endangered animals of all kinds for more than a decade.  Working with conservation organizations, breeders, zoos, and in the field, his work has been published in numerous books, magazines, and calendars bringing attention and support to these endangered species.

In this talk, Michele and Michael will share their experiences, initiatives, and motivations for helping save bird species on the brink of extinction. Following the presentation, a reception and exhibit of Michael’s work will be held between 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in PARC’s lobby.


Michele Raffin

Michele Raffin was a high tech executive, venture capital consultant, and writer before deciding to devote her time to saving animals. Her publications include articles in the Aviculture Society of American Bulletin, Australian Aviculture, American Dove Association Dove Line, and other avian-related journals. Her books include Love That Lasts and The Good Nanny Book. Pandemonium: Life, Love and Birds on the Edge of Extinction, a book about Pandemonium Aviaries and its birds, will be published by Algonquin Books. Her passion for conservation and protection of the natural world is focused on saving bird species from extinction. She studied incubation with Susan Kaiseke (California Condor Project) and is a certified Aviculturist through the American Federation of Aviculture. 

Michele and Pandemonium Aviaries are based in Los Altos Hills, California. To learn more about Pandemonium Aviaries and how you can help, visit their website at

Michael Kern

From the graceful contours of wings in midflight to the splendid mosaic of scaled skin, photographer Michael Kern reveals elements of art brought to life. What began as a childhood fascination with reptiles and amphibians has evolved into a worldwide renowned collection of nature photography and a commitment to conservation. 

Michael’s vivid images have captivated readers of many prominent nature magazines, calendars, and journals.  His images have also been utilized and are on display at several of the leading museums around the globe including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the British Museum of Natural History. 

Beyond the lens, Michael supports various conservation efforts throughout the Bay Area.  Currently, he is working with Pandemonium Aviaries both with photography and refinement of their business strategy and office processes.  Michael is also embarking on two new conservation photography projects with the USGS and the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.

More of Michael’s photography can be found on his website:

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