Hitachi Data Systems Joins Emerging Networks Consortium, Bringing Industries Together to Innovate with PARC’s Content-Centric Networking

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Palo Alto, CA — PARC, a Xerox company, today welcomes Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), into the growing Emerging Networks Consortium (ENC), an initiative formed in 2012 to advance the development of the next-generation Internet based on Content-Centric Networking (CCN).

“Hitachi Data Systems is excited to explore what CCN can deliver today and in the future,” said Michael Hay, Vice President and Chief Engineer, Global Product Planning, Hitachi Data Systems. “The accelerating data growth in the IT and telecommunications industries is resulting in increased challenges for both private and public networks. Combining what CCN can offer with innovative information solutions from Hitachi Data Systems can transfigure how digital content is created, managed, and consumed. We look forward to working closely with the CCN team of PARC and the global ENC members on this exciting journey.”

The ENC Spring Summit will be held May 20 – 21 at PARC and will focus on “CCNx: Towards 1.0” where the group will discuss plans, ideas, and goals for the next major phase of CCN development. Attendees are also invited to the Ethernet Innovation Summit taking place May 22 at the Computer History Museum.

“We look forward to the expertise and insights Hitachi Data Systems can bring to the ENC to work with CCN, a new network architecture that changes the way we think about today’s Internet,” said Stephen Hoover, CEO, PARC. “CCN is a technology that will change the way we interact with the dozens of devices we already have, as well the vast amount of information in the cloud, which will enable entirely new offerings and services that haven’t even been invented. Our networks are stressed as we continue to move to cloud-based content storage and access. As we continue building the Internet of Things, smart cities, and smart homes, we need to fundamentally change our approach to networking in order to handle the massive amount of content and traffic. The ENC brings global organizations with a range of knowledge to advance the work in this important area.”

Hitachi Data Systems brings decades of engineering expertise in compute, storage, networks, and telecom to the ENC. The company’s in-depth knowledge on data and content management, both in-flight and at rest, coupled with its proven track record of delivering scalable and reliable data management infrastructures and cloud service platforms will help guide the transition and implementation of CCN throughout the industry.

PARC is continuing its notable legacy in networking with CCN. Designed to take advantage of how the network works today, CCN addresses many of the key problems facing the Internet now, including seamless content distribution, mobility, security, and scalability. PARC is well known for inventing networking technologies, going back to Ethernet, PUP, and XNS in the early days through significant contributions to IPv6 and Internet multicast.

About ENC
ENC is an open industry consortium of industry players that includes ISPs, consumer electronic, content providers, OEMs (from telecommunications, enterprise, healthcare, and defense sectors), Internet services and applications, hardware and chipset manufacturers, and venture capitalists collaborating to advance CCN and its applications to all member organizations. Looking for additional members, ENC seeks to unite global industry efforts, foster discussion on standardization, and develop a coherent vision for accelerated adoption of CCN for the benefit of member organizations. The first ENC Annual Members Summit was held at PARC in April 2012 and the second was in October 2012. For membership information, email

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