PARC and LeanTaaS Partner to Integrate Software to Bolster VIA Enterprise Platform

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Palo Alto, CA – PARC, a Xerox company, today announced its partnership with LeanTaaS Inc., a Silicon Valley-based software company focused on advanced analytics, to integrate PARC’s sentiment analysis and topic detection software with LeanTaaS’ VIA Platform. The first project, myPatientPulse, helps healthcare providers improve patient experience by extracting insights from vast amounts of unstructured patient social media feedback, patient surveys, and internal comments generated during physician-to-staff communications.

PARC provides deep, scientific software algorithms in the areas of sentiment analysis, topic detection, prediction, context-aware, and data analytics, giving LeanTaaS the ability to bolster its platform with a variety of features and supply customers with additional options to gather intelligence, make informed decisions, and take action to improve operational performance. LeanTaaS’ VIA platform integrates operational, algorithmic, and software expertise for retailers, consumer goods providers, electronics companies, and healthcare providers to gain valuable insights. With VIA, enterprises can implement a solution that will improve operational performance in a variety of functional areas including manufacturing, supply chain, service delivery, and sales force productivity.

“When done well, sentiment analysis helps enterprises quickly understand customer opinions and experiences from across multiple channels to improve customer service,” said Kyle Dent, Area Manager, PARC. “Our partnership with LeanTaaS provides us with a market-leading platform to put our software to work. The first product, myPatientPulse, helps healthcare providers gain insight into customer mindsets, understand results from particular campaigns, and get feedback on staff performance, ultimately giving them an edge in patient care. We look forward to working with LeanTaaS to provide similar insights targeted at additional industries.”

The partnership’s first joint venture–myPatientPulse–helps hospital administrators focus on extracting nuanced insights and taking actions to deliver higher levels of patient satisfaction. Delivered as a subscription service, the software allows healthcare administrators to monitor patient feedback from external and internal sources, compare the nature of conversations about them and their peer health systems on specific topics, and engage internal staff on the impact of specific actions and initiatives being taken to address feedback. Six of the nation’s leading health systems, including community hospitals, wide-ranging hospital networks, and world-class academic medical centers, are now participating in a 12-week trial. A broader rollout of the subscription-based software will be launched in Q1 2014.

PARC’s sentiment analysis and topic detection software is being deployed in a variety of call centers to detect issues as they start to unfold in online discussions. PARC’s software pulls in unstructured comments from popular social media channels, as well as a variety of internal communications, making it available for humans to analyze. Combining intelligent software agents and human-in-the-loop training, PARC’s software provides accuracy rates up to 90%, higher than automated-only systems that look at language.

“The early results of myPatientPulse are impressive,” said Mohan Giridharadas, CEO, LeanTaaS. “With major healthcare providers participating and engaging in the product, we have valuable insight into the functionality that will add the most value to their core mission of improving patient experience. The problem in many health systems today is that they receive enormous amounts of unstructured feedback across multiple channels and have very limited tools to effectively absorb, synthesize, and analyze in an automated manner. Our goal with myPatientPulse is to make the process of generating insights and applying improvement measures so fast and easy that it becomes a virtuous cycle. This simply can’t happen without powerful and intuitive software.”

Sentiment analysis is highly sensitive to both context and perspective. PARC’s technology incorporates human judgment along with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to produce models for classification. Once a model is built it can automatically predict sentiment and topics for millions of messages reflecting both the context of a given domain and the point-of-view of a particular analysis. Training computer algorithms normally requires expertise in computer science, but PARC’s specially designed interface lets domain experts control their own analyses.

Combining PARC’s cutting-edge sentiment analysis software with the easy-to-use user interface, management tools, security, and analytic capabilities of the LeanTaaS VIA platform will enable large enterprises to understand and predict customer issues before they become a bigger issue. To learn more about PARC’s work in sentiment analysis, please visit

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