PARC Collaborates With Dentsu and Dentsu Marketing Insight to Provide Integrated Ethnography Services and Deep Customer Understanding for Driving Business Innovation

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Tokyo, Japan and Palo Alto, California — Dentsu Inc., Dentsu Marketing Insight Inc., and PARC, a Xerox Company, a premier center for commercial innovation, today announced a new partnership wherein PARC will collaborate with Dentsu and Dentsu Marketing Insight to provide ethnography services for clients to harness deeper customer understanding.

Going beyond typical market research and findings, PARC’s ethnography services for Dentsu and Dentsu Marketing Insight will deliver extensive understanding of human behavior, in-depth insights, and comprehensive outlooks on people’s lives within their own personal contexts. With deep expertise and marketing research conducted for more than 5,000 projects annually, Dentsu Marketing Insight advances corporations’ research processes and solutions. As a result, the new partnership with PARC and its direct link to innovation will enable clients to discover untapped needs, create new business value, and produce more differentiated and game-changing products or services.

Ethnography, the naturalistic, scientific study of human behavior in context, combines systematic data capture and rigorous analysis to provide a detailed, nuanced, and complete picture of what people actually do – as opposed to just what they say they do. This reveals people’s real practices, tacit knowledge, and unmet needs or desires in the diverse contexts in which they interact with various products, services, or processes.

Steeped in research culture and working alongside the top technological minds in the world, PARC’s Ethnography Services Group offers a fresh perspective and deep knowledge. PARC pioneered the use of ethnographic methods in technology R&D, and continues to apply, adapt, and evolve these methods to provide actionable insights for clients around the world and across industries. PARC’s diverse and industry-leading ethnographic methods can be customized to meet the needs of each individual project and specializes in connecting the dots – from insights to implications.

“PARC is a true pioneer and leading ethnographic authority in the scientific study of human behavior,” said Tetsuji Hirose, Director of Dentsu Innovation Institute, Dentsu. “We know our clients will now realize an incredible competitive advantage through the ethnography services that we will provide.  We look forward to our work with PARC and these enhanced ethnography methods.”

“The addition of PARC’s industry-leading ethnographic services will create a unique and important viewpoint and understanding for our clients,” said Kenichi Kobayashi, CEO, Dentsu Marketing Insight. “Ethnographic research scientifically defines how to truly understand your customer. We know our clients will now see their services, brands, and products in a completely new light through these ethnographic findings.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Dentsu and Dentsu Marketing Insight and provide a new level of research and human understanding for their clients,” said Stephen Hoover, CEO, PARC. “By employing ethnography services in business settings, our clients will gain relevant, essential discoveries for new revenue opportunities, differentiated products and services, deep customer insights, and transformation of business practices.”

About Dentsu Inc. 
Founded in 1901, Dentsu Inc. has held the position of the world’s largest single-brand agency for almost 40 years. Through its unique “Integrated Communication Design” approach, Dentsu offers multinational clients the most comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services in the industry. While continuing to pursue innovation in the digital arena, Dentsu is active in the production and marketing of sports, movies, anime and other entertainment content on a global scale. The Dentsu Group has more than 6,000 clients and close to 20,000 employees worldwide. For more information please visit

About Dentsu Marketing Insight Inc.
Conducting more than 5,000 research projects annually Dentsu Marketing Insight (recently renamed in October due to the merger of Dentsu Research Inc. and Soken Inc.) provides insight-based values in the area of marketing intelligence.  It has created a “Lifestyles Research Institute” to develop insight technologies and creative user-focused marketing strategies to address the need for continually sophisticated marketing intelligence.

About PARC
A premier center for commercial innovation, PARC, a Xerox company, is in the business of breakthroughs. We work closely with global enterprises, entrepreneurs, government agencies and partners, and other clients to invent, co-develop, and bring to market game-changing innovations by combining imagination, investigation, and return on investment for our clients. For 40 years, we have lived at the leading edge of innovation, merging inquiry and strategy to pioneer technological change. PARC was incorporated in 2002 as a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Xerox Corporation – enabling us to continue pioneering technological change but across a broader set of industries and clients today.

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