Partnership Between Leoni and PARC: Collaboration supporting digital transformation

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Nuremberg, Germany / Palo Alto, CA – Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, and the research and development company PARC, a Xerox company, providing cutting-edge innovation for nearly 50 years, today announced a strategic partnership that will enable Leoni’s digitalization solutions. With the support of PARC’s groundbreaking technologies in the fields of condition-based maintenance (CBM), system analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded sensor technology, Leoni will drive its digital transformation forward. Initial research work is focused on the enablement of Leoni’s smart cable systems.

Technologies such as predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance with the help of intelligent data analysis are now regarded as important drivers of Industry 4.0 and digital mobility projects. These technologies can help prevent unplanned system outages and increase availability of systems by evaluating all system components throughout their life-cycle and identifying individual components for replacement well ahead of performance degradation or failure. CBM or service/replacement of the identified components during planned maintenance windows reduces cost and system downtime. The initial focus of this partnership will be to customize and demonstrate PARC’s CBM and advanced system analytics for Leoni’s smart cable systems. PARC’s model-based approach delivers high predictive accuracy and negligible false alarm rates enabling Leoni solutions to support their customers with actionable data and design optimization, as well as the ability to smartly monitor and manage their systems.

“PARC is a remarkable partner, who can lead us forward in our digital transformation,” said Torsten Schierholz, Chief Solutions Officer at Leoni. “Because of their interdisciplinary expertise and vast experience in condition-based maintenance, system analytics, embedded sensors, and AI, PARC provides us with innovative insights into key aspects of this digital change. Together, PARC and Leoni are working intensively together with Leoni’s customers and partners on a future, which allows us to incorporate new technologies in order to make energy and data transmission in cable systems even more intelligent, efficient and reliable.”

“As the internet of things (IoT) continues to develop and mature, every company needs to be thinking about how cutting-edge technologies will be deployed across software, hardware, and networking platforms,” said Ajay Raghavan, PARC Research Area Manager. “As part of the transformation, Leoni will lead its clients and partners in embedding intelligence throughout the ecosystem, from intelligent cables, cable systems and components for the automotive industry, energy, and infrastructure. We are excited about our partnership with Leoni which is leading to a deeper understanding of complex systems and effective CBM solutions.”

About PARC

PARC, a Xerox company, is in the Business of Breakthroughs®. Practicing open innovation, it provides custom R&D services, technology, expertise, best practices, and intellectual property to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, startups, and government agencies and partners. The company creates new business options, accelerate time to market, augment internal capabilities, and reduces risk for clients. Since its inception, PARC has pioneered many technology platforms – from the Ethernet and laser printing to the GUI and ubiquitous computing – and has enabled the creation of many industries. Incorporated as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox in 2002, PARC today continues the research that enables breakthroughs for our clients’ businesses.

About the Leoni Group

Leoni is a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries. The value chain encompasses wires, optical fibers, standardised cables, special cables and assembled systems as well as intelligent products and smart services. As an innovation partner and solutions provider, Leoni supports its customers with pronounced development and systems expertise. The group of companies, which is listed on the German MDAX, employs more than 87,000 people in 31 countries and generated consolidated sales of EUR 4.9 billion in 2017

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