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LED and Laser Diode Services
Comprehensive custom solutions that fit your needs


Image: UV LED on bulk AlN

PARC offers a superior combination of world-class technical expertise, fully integrated on-site development and prototyping infrastructure, and the ability to develop new processes in a commercial MOCVD reactor that are readily transferable to high-volume full-production systems.

* 35+ years * 300+ publications * 300+ patents issued / pending * III-V compounds (e.g., GaN) * IR, visible, UV

LED and Laser Services


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The market for LEDs and laser diodes (LDs) will continue its significant growth, driven by multiple applications such as displays, signage, lighting, materials processing, UV curing, purification, sanitation, laser printing, image scanning, data recording, biotechnology, and medicine. As a result, companies, from materials to semiconductor ones, want to build new LED or LD businesses or expand current product portfolios. However, in an increasingly competitive environment, only companies that can better manage risks and get to market faster will succeed.

The PARC solution

Fortunately, partnering with PARC, a recognized world leader in the LED and LD fields enables customers to:

  • Lower costs
  • Create differentiated products or add value to current offerings
  • Investigate ideas to improve device performance
  • Transfer processes and prototypes to mass production
  • Acquire device technology and expertise
  • Complement in-house efforts to accelerate innovation
  • Collaborate with one partner (i.e., PARC) for their needs

Customers can take advantage of PARC’s on-site, fully integrated, end-to-end infrastructure, skills, and experience. Our wide range of offerings include:

  • Growth: Recipes scalable to high-volume production, optimization, heterostructures
  • Device: Complete fabrication and prototyping, advanced characterization, modeling, design, testing, computational physics
  • Substrate & materials: Evaluation and benchmarking (epi test devices), computational physics
  • Knowledge: Personalized hands-on demonstrations and know-how transfer, analysis of device, growth, and fabrication challenges
  • Technology transfer: New or established technologies
  • Custom requests

PARC’s offerings are based on a world-class team, deep ground-breaking technical experience, and fully integrated infrastructure onsite.

At the forefront

PARC has been on the cutting edge in this area for decades and continues to lead today. We have been the first to accomplish many feats, which have provided us with the deep expertise and proven innovation methodologies to specifically address your needs.  Here are a few examples of PARC firsts:

  1. Structure and electronic properties of dislocations and extended defects in GaN
  2. Laser diodes with InGaN MQW (first outside of Japan)
  3. Theory of GaN surface structure and surfactants
  4. DFB InGaN laser diode
  5. InGaN MQW laser diodes transferred to copper substrate via laser-lift-off
  6. Q-switched two-section InGaN laser diode with integrated electro-absorption modulator
  7. UV laser diode with AlGaN MQW
  8. Laser diode on bulk AlN
  9. Silver and ITO clad nitride semiconductor laser diode
  10. Optically pumped AlGaN MQW lasers on bulk AlN down to 267 nm

Innovation in action: from concept to market

PARC has successfully applied such leading-edge accomplishments and capabilities to developing LEDs and LDs for commercial clients. One recent engagement was with DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd., a semiconductor materials company seeking to move into a new business based on UV-A LEDs. By working intimately with PARC -- beyond just IP licensing -- DOWA rapidly gained the know- how, prototypes, and technology for UV-A LEDs, enabling the company to publicly announce its first UV-A LED-based products within just nine months of starting work with us. Furthermore, the custom collaboration with PARC enabled DOWA to further its internal R&D competency in UV-A LEDs so it would be able to sustainably grow and advance this new business.

Take action

Potential partners who want to efficiently build new LED or LD businesses, expand product portfolios, or add value to current products, should contact PARC Business Development.


Examples of PARC's on-site, end-to-end infrastructure and capabilities


  • Aixtron’s widely deployed CCS® MOCVD system

  • Custom-built MOCVD reactors designed specifically to enable growth near atmospheric pressure with high ammonia partial pressures

Device fabrication and prototyping

  • Dry-etching (CAIBE and conventional plasma etching)

  • PE-CVD for dielectrics

  • Thermal/e-beam/sputter deposition of metals and high-reflective coatings, and photolithography

  • Optical coatings (e.g., DBR, AR)

  • Laser and LED device modeling (e.g., band structure engineering, gain calculations, and thermal modeling)

Characterization techniques

  • Materials: XRD, TEM, variable temperature PL, AFM, SEM, Hall effect, EL

  • Device: I-V, L-I, pulsed-bias testing, emission spectra, far-field pattern, lifetime, wall-plug efficiency, optical gain measurements, and electro-absorption spectroscopy

  • Advanced: LED performance metrics (e.g., IQE), automated L-I-V array testing (modal, hi-resolution spectroscopy), photo pumping of lasers


Computational studies

  • Fundamental materials properties (e.g., defects and impurities in nitride semiconductors)

  • Laser and LED heterostructure modeling (e.g., band-structure engineering, gain calculations, and thermal modeling)