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Custom Solutions and Prototyping Services

Optoelectronics and Optics


PARC provides customer-focused solutions for developing and commercializing technologies in optics, optoelectronics, and compound semiconductors. We work with clients on projects as basic as adding custom micro- fabrication processes to wafers, to complex development projects involving quantum mechanical engineering at the materials level and complete systems integration. Our service offerings encompass both optical sensor systems and emitters. These include optical sensor design and prototyping, custom GaN MOCVD growth, heterostructure development, device modeling, materials characterization, and developing integrated systems that incorporate optics, photonics, MEMS, electronics, and fluidics.

By strategically customizing short- or long-term project duration for specific goals and requirements, PARC works with clients at various stages of product development - ranging from proof-of-concept to full system prototype. We combine our deep expertise and extensive infrastructure toward helping clients realize unique designs for devices and systems, conduct analyses using advanced modeling capabilities, and transfer processes to manufacturing.

Our multidisciplinary teams of world-renowned scientists and engineers deliver technology solutions and prototypes that are either ready to commercialize or to showcase your vision to investors, venture capitalists, government, or early customers.

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