Ubiquitous computing, entertainment and games


Event Ubicomp 2005


Ducheneaut, Nicolas
Technical Publications
September 11th 2005
Ubiquitous games, loosely defined, are games that take place in a mixture of the real world and the virtual world of the game. A number of academic or artistic proposals for ubiquitous games have been made and in many cases played by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of players. The goal of this workshop is to bring together top researchers, game players, game designers, and game publishers to discuss key issues in ubiquitous gaming and to facilitate the exchange of ideas that will allow ubiquitous games to break out of their current niche and into the mainstream. The workshop's topics of interest include o New ubiquitous game designs o Mixed traditional and ubiquitous game design o Studies or reports on the compelling aspects of existing ubiquitous games o Mechanisms to evaluate or test ubiquitous games o Design elements that can be learned or adapted from popular console/PC games for creating compelling ubiquitous games o Business models that will enable ubiquitous gaming to be successful in the marketplace


Bleecker, J.; Ducheneaut, N.; Smith, I. E. Ubiquitous computing, entertainment and games. Workshop organized at the Ubiquitous Computing conference (Ubicomp05), September 9, 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

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