Custodian-based information sharing


Event IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on Information-Centric Networking


Jacobson, Van
Rebecca Braynard
Timothy Diebert
Priya Mahadevan
Briggs, Nicholas
Simon Barber
Plass, Michael F.
Solis, Ignacio
Ersin Uzun
Smetters, Diana K.
Thornton, James D.
Technical Publications
July 1st 2012
Information sharing systems such as iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook or Twitter are ubiquitous today, but all of them depend on massive server infrastructure and always-on Internet connectivity. We have designed and implemented a sharing system that doesnt require infrastructure yet supports robust, distributed, secure sharing by opportunistically using any and all connectivity, local or global, permanent or transient, to communicate. One key element of this system is a new information routing model that so far has proven to be as scalable and efficient as the best of the current Internet routing protocols, while operating in an environment more complex and dynamic than they can tolerate. The new routing model is made possible by new affordances offered by Information-Centric Networking, in particular the open-source CCN release. This article describes the new system and its routing model and provides some performance measurements.


Jacobson, V.; Braynard, R.; Diebert, T.; Mahadevan, P.; Mosko, M.; Briggs, N.; Barber, S.; Plass, M. F.; Solis, I.; Uzun, E.; Lee, B.; Jang, M.; Byun, D.; Smetters, D. K.; Thornton, J. D. Custodian-based information sharing. IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on information-centric networking. 2012 July; 50 (7): 38-43.

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