Condition-Based Maintenance


System Prognosis and Health Management

The reliability and uptime of many infrastructure systems is becoming increasingly critical. As services budgets continue to be stretched, maintenance, operations, manufacturing and design teams are under tremendous pressure to maximize system life and utilization without compromising safety and operational uptime. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a concept in which maintenance of machinery is performed when the need arises, as opposed to traditional practices of time-based maintenance and reactive “fail and fix” or planned maintenance, which can be costly, prone to human error, and in worst case lead to downtime or accidents.

PARC’s condition-based maintenance technologies empower engineers, operators and maintenance personnel to improve the reliability and maintainability of critical systems and transition from conventional schedule-driven inspections. Our CBM suite of innovative software and hardware technologies work together to offer insights into system health, safety and performance. The CBM suite leverages PARC’s deep experience and capabilities in sensing, modeling, diagnostics, machine learning, predictive analytics, rapid prototyping, and artificial intelligence, as well as a patent portfolio that has been developed and perfected for more than a decade.


1. Transportation
3. Infrastructure
4. Energy
5. Manufacturing

How the Technology Works

PARC’s CBM suite is a model-based approach, enabling higher than 90% accuracy and negligible false alarm rates, arming customers with actionable data for informed deployment. It gives them the ability to deeply understand their systems to smartly manage and keep them in top shape or be able to know when to take them offline to fix them before any unfortunate events. Condition-based maintenance technology has great potential in multiple industries and is one step toward PARC’s broader quest to enable self-aware, self-adaptive systems.

You can read more about PARC’s condition-based maintenance technologies by downloading an Information Sheet on this subject.

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