Transformative digital design and manufacturing technology

FIELDS is a truly transformative approach to computer aided design, manufacturing, and engineering where the computer now serves as a collaborating partner to a human designer. Advanced design automation algorithms built into FIELDS’ engines consider manufacturing capabilities early in the design process, and generate several options for engineers to curate and collaboratively refine. This ultimately creates highly optimized designs while minimizing time to market and improves overall product quality. Today, PARC is working in partnership with DARPA, Intact Solutions, Oregon State University and others to create these new computational design paradigms embedded into FIELDS. FIELDS is now available for businesses and agencies in various fields to license, with PARC inviting partnerships to work with us on creating technology-driven solutions to manufacturing challenges.


  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Energy production
  • Manufacturing tooling
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products

How the Technology Works

FIELDS is a software system that transforms product design by automatically searching high-dimensional spaces of shape, material, and process alternatives. FIELDS generates Pareto optimal solutions to a set of design specifications, using an ability to perform multi-fidelity, multi-material, multi-physics-based engineering analysis.

PARC scientists working on FIELDS will transform computer aided design and manufacturing by maintaining four in-depth views of an artifact (as-designed, as-planned, as-manufactured, as-analyzed) as it passes through the computational workflow from synthesis to fabrication. At each view, the structure of the physical artifact will be modeled by representing shape, topology, and heterogeneous, anisotropic material structure at six size scales. Complex structures such as human bones reconstructed from CT data, or very fine multi-material aperiodic lattice structures are easily modeled using this novel approach. This computational framework will automatically provide manufacturability and performance feedback for synthesized designs and will compile design requirements into a valid design with fabrication instructions. In turn, this alleviates the burden on the designer to integrate computational and practical expertise from diverse disciplines, which is a significant bottleneck in today’s product lifecycle management systems. The framework will be adapted to specific manufacturing processes such as combined metal additive manufacturing and machining, and manufacturing with graded materials.

FIELDS stands for Fabricating with Interoperable Engineering, planning, Design, and analysis, and is PARC’s technology that uses novel design representations, numerical methods, optimization, and artificial intelligence in conjunction with high-performance computing to harness the design complexity enabled by advanced materials and manufacturing. FIELDS is a next generation CAD/CAM/CAE technology that enables robust and efficient synthesis and analysis of designs, where performance is coupled with the manufacturing processes used to fabricate them.

All of this can be translated to various industries and manufacturing processes, drawing on PARC’s diverse range of expertise and capabilities to revolutionize numerous industries.

FIELDS will encompass:

  • New mathematical models, representations, and computations for physical artifacts with heterogeneous, anisotropic material structure
  • Interoperable integration of synthesis, manufacturing planning, and analysis
  • Enormous design complexity by automatically searching very-high-dimensional spaces of shape, material, and process alternatives to help human designers discover physically realizable designs

Significant enhancements in product performance and a shortened time-to-market are a few of the immediate benefits of the FIELDS technology and process, which is available for partnership now.

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