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Health behavior change smartphone app

Many health conditions are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and can be improved by behavior change. Traditional behavior-change methods, like weight loss clinics or personal trainers, have obvious scalability issues in providing expert personalized daily support to large populations for long periods. There’s a pressing need to extend the reach and intensity of existing successful health behavior change approaches.

Personalized smartphone apps offer an excellent opportunity to deliver effective interventions for health behavior change into everyday life at great scale. Smartphones also provide an opportunity to collect rich, fine-grained data necessary for understanding and predicting behavior-change dynamics in people going about their everyday lives. Fittle is a new behavior-change smartphone app which delivers ecological momentary interventions and group support to help people progressively master healthy habits. PARC’s Fittle technology was developed over several years by our experts in AI, machine learning and behavioral economics.

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How the Technology Works
Fittle is designed to integrate different behavioral change strategies such as prompting, feedback and reward, and tracking and logging, to less prescriptive ones, such as social influence. Fittle integrates and applies theory and methods from mobile sensing, cognitive tutoring, and evidence-based social design to solve the problem of providing socially supported, autonomously planned and personalized ecological momentary interventions to help people achieve healthy behavior changes in diet and physical activity.

PARC welcomes opportunities to work with partners and end users to build and test evidence-based solutions to address today’s healthcare challenges.

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