Micro Assembler Printer


High-Throughput Assembly of Heterogeneous Micro-electronic Systems

Conventional micro-electronic manufacturing technologies rely largely on batch-processing to mass produce systems in a cost-effective manner.  This approach does not address many applications that require highly customized, micro-scale systems.

We have developed a novel Micro Assembler printer which uses a digital process to rapidly and accurately assemble micro-objects into functional electronic systems.  Our Micro Assembler system is analogous to a laser printer which assembles toner particles onto paper, however it provides the precise position control and registration that is necessary for electronic applications.

The Micro Assembler printer demonstrates a faster throughput than other approaches, enabling millions of small objects to be placed over a large area, thereby bridging nanotechnology to the meter scale. The technology also allows for more heterogeneity, complexity and customization when integrating circuits, microLEDs and other semiconductor materials into electronic systems.


  • Display (microLED)
  • Large arrays of sensors, actuators, electronics (solar, antennas, smart skins)
  • Custom patterned micro-assemblies (chiplets for IC VLSI ASICs, materials for scientific discovery)
  • Sorting (known good die sifting)
  • Metamaterials

How the Technology Works

Micro-objects, such as integrated circuits or microLEDs from a standard wafer scale process, are fabricated into small beads or chiplets.  The chiplets are immersed in a solution that serves as the “ink” input into our Micro Assembler system.  The system uses open and closed loop control of electrostatic forces to rapidly and precisely transport, sort, orient, and assemble the chiplets into a custom pattern.  The assemblies are then transferred to a final substrate with a stamp or continuous feed roll-based method, where they are electrically interconnected.




Download the White Paper Discussion Starter for the NIST Extreme Manufacturing Workshop.

We have a diverse group of researchers with expertise in the design, fabrication and testing of advanced optical and mechanical microsystems. We are interested in working with commercial partners who want to use our Micro Assembler technology for new applications or products.

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