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Michael Plass

Michael’s work spans computer graphics and printing systems, to data structures and compilers. His inventions include optimal discrete rendering of images, and multiple patents for an object-optimized printing system and method. Michael is currently working on content-centric networking.

Michael was one of the principal designers and implementors of the Cedar Imager, which he also adapted for the Sun operating system. His other contributions include developing a translator between Cedar-to-Lisp programming languages, and strategies for breaking paragraphs into lines. Michael is part of the core team that developed and supported Xerox’s DocuPrint NPS/IPS line of high-speed printer controllers since its inception.


PARC publications

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Custodian-based information sharing

IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on Information-Centric Networking

July 2012

Networking named content

Communications of the ACM

January 2012


Networking named content

CoNEXT 2009

December 2009


Ropes: an alternative to strings

Software Practice and Experience

December 1995