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Glenn Edens

With an extensive background as a researcher, entrepreneur, executive, and strategist in telecommunications, entertainment, computer science, and design, Glenn Edens directs research in networking, security, and distributed systems at PARC within the Computer Science Laboratory.

Previously Glenn served as CEO of Range Networks; SVP and Director of Sun Microsystems Laboratories; Chief of Technology Strategy and Chief Scientist at HP; and President of AT&T Strategic Ventures, where he also served as VP of Broadband Technology within AT&T Laboratories. At Interval Research Corporation in Palo Alto he managed research into consumer electronics and IPTV as well as the transfer of research results into external companies.

Glenn co-founded Grid Systems Corporation, the company that developed the first laptop computer. His design for the laptop is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He later co-founded WaveFrame Corporation, which developed the first all-digital audio workstation for the motion picture, television, and music industries. WaveFrame received an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for its pioneering work in digital audio. His prior positions include NBI, Apple Computer, National Semiconductor, and Xerox Corporation.

Glenn is a member of ACM and IEEE. He has served on several boards of directors for both non-profits and public corporations, most recently F5 Networks, Georgia Tech College of Computing, and ZeroOne: The Art & Technology Network. He has four patents.