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A Content-Centric Networking Initiative

In 2012, PARC founded the Emerging Networks Consortium (ENC), an initiative formed to advance the development of the next-generation Internet based on Content-Centric Networking (CCN). ENC brings together companies in different technology and communication sectors to innovate, collaborate, and exchange experiences based on CCN implementations across various industries. Founding members include Alcatel-Lucent, BT, France Telecom-Orange, HCL, Huawei, MACH, Panasonic, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Why ENC?

ENC members have the opportunity to work directly with PARC’s CCN leadership and development team to influence the development of CCN and its frameworks. This direct and early access helps members leverage CCN most effectively for growth. Members also benefit from the ability to collaborate with one another to create novel business offerings facilitated by CCN’s innovative architecture. Member companies also participate in, and in some cases lead, ENC working groups. Working groups are structured around use-case scenarios for CCN-based product or services development.

2013 Member Events

The ENC meets semi-annually. Our 2013 meeting schedule includes:

ENC Spring Summit 2013 – May 20 - 21, 2013 at PARC
The focus of this summit is "CCNx: Towards 1.0" where we will discuss our plans, ideas, and goals for the next major phase of CCN development.  We look forward to a lively and interactive discussion to review what we have learned, discuss what we are hearing from the CCN development community, and solicit member feedback and advice on a wide range of technical aspects of CCN.  

Attendees are also invited to the Ethernet Innovation Summit taking place on May 22 at the Computer History Museum.

Later this year we will follow-on with our ENC Fall Summit 2013 and a focus of business issues and CCN.

Membership Programs

There are three participation levels for companies interested in becoming ENC members.

Associate membership ($10,000 annual fee)

Associate members will have ENC Summit attendance privileges and access to ENC content. Associate members may also participate in working groups in a non-leadership capacity.

Full membership ($30,000 annual fee)

Full members will have all benefits of associate membership, plus will have the ability to lead and influence the direction of ENC working groups.

Charter membership ($50,000 annual fee)

In addition to having all benefits of full membership, charter members will be able to participate in charter members’ meetings and influence ENC governance. Charter members will also have the ability to create working groups, in addition to leading and influencing existing working groups.

Membership agreements will have an initial term of three years.

Industry Requirements for Membership

To help ensure productive interaction and cohesive collaboration, ENC membership is limited to companies in the following sectors:

  • Internet Service Providers and Carriers (Telco, Mobile, Cable)
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
  • Content Providers and Aggregators
  • Network Equipment Providers
  • Web Services and Application Providers
  • Hardware and Chipset Manufacturers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Startups and Academic Institutions

Join ENC Today

Contact us to become an ENC member today and participate in the 2013 Member Summits.



Jatinder Singh
Director of Mobile Innovation Strategy
+ 1 650 812 4032



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